7StarsPartners nominated for the prestigious Global Gaming Awards 2021!

April 14, 2021
The past year, although filled with unprecedented circumstances turned out to be a great trampoline for those willing to adapt and develop. And
7StarsPartners grabbed that opportunity the right way - enriching the portfolio with new brands developed alongside the latest industry trends, entering new promising markets, building more partnerships. And the results from the effort did not take long to show up! Now, 7StarsPartners are shortlisted in the Affiliate Program category for the Global Gaming Awards 2021!

Mary Ivanova, Affiliate Director at 7StarsPartners, shares: “We are happy to be shortlisted for the Global Gaming Awards 2021! And although it might sound exaggerated - I am not surprised! This nomination is the logical recognition of the effort and dedication our team has been putting in this past year! We’ve been through challenging times but still managed to evolve and succeed in our endeavours. Adaptation is key and such circumstances only come to show you new paths… so we took the chance to follow them and develop further!”

This year’s winners of the Global Gaming Awards will be announced virtually on 28 June with some of the categories paused for this year due to the global pandemic. Still, the fact that 7StarsPartners are already shortlisted is enough proof for the team’s tremendous success and praiseworthy dedication.