Mary Ivanova: How to set up your partnerships up for success

June 22, 2021

How do you make communication with partners as straightforward as possible?

7StarsPartners prouds itself in utilizing a customer-centric and effective approach to interacting with our partners. A member of our skilled team is available day and night and can be reached via Skype or email. Each manager’s contact information can be found on our site.

What is 7StarsPartners’ process for responding to and resolving questions from partners quickly?

Our team consists of 10 affiliate managers in charge of their portfolios, hence, every partner has a dedicated member of the team responsible for caring for the growth of their business. Our affiliate managers nourish powerful and friendly working relations with the partners, which is a great element in why our services are one of the greatest available on the current affiliate market.

On top of transcending the limits of supporting current partners, we diligently aim to assure a steady flow of brand-new ones through regular marketing outreach. For this reason, we are obtaining additional licenses, incorporating supplementary financial provider methods to enhance conversion, and localizing within an even greater number of regulated international markets.

What characteristics do you look for in support personnel?

In our opinion, a talented, diligent, and skillfully proficient line-up of the team is the most significant point defining the prosperity of any business. All affiliate managers from the 7StarsPartners team are responsible, dynamic, and passionate – doing all in their power to operate towards the aspiring results which our corporation invariably strives for.

The working atmosphere which we have created makes us proud, and there’s a phenomenal dynamic that exists within each member of our team.

To what extent can good communication improve on an affiliate’s conversion rate?

We give our best to support the affiliates in enhancing their profits month-by-month. We can select which of our distinguished brands will work best for a particular partner, given the fact that we have the privilege of being a diversified affiliate program.

Our affiliates are always equipped with high-converting advertising products and have a distinct mixture of tools in our offering in terms of supporting the affiliates' growth and development.

As well as responsiveness, what else can be done to ensure a positive customer experience for your partners?

It is very significant to arrange in-person meetings with your partners when conditions safely allow for it. We invite customers to participate in all the main trade shows, attend company ceremonies, industry events, and networking functions.

During the past few weeks, we have made an appearance at the Affiliate Grand Slam in Dubai, where for the first time following the outbreak of COVID-19, we were able to gather with the affiliates personally. In like manner, we guarantee a positive consumer experience for our partners by hosting tournaments in which they can compete against each other for awards. For instance, recently we’ve organized the Summer Race, a thunderous competition which handed out €100,000 between affiliates who earned the largest number of FTDs!