Top Tips from 7StarsPartners to Boost your Affiliate Campaign Performance During the Summer

August 2, 2022

The summer season represents one of the biggest challenges for affiliates trying to establish or maintain superb performance throughout the year.To help you out, 7StarsPartners has created a list of tips that will allow you to make the most out of the limited traffic availability throughout the summer.

  • It would be best to figure out a good promotion strategy, as the goal is to stimulate action from targeted markets and players.
  • Data analysis and database segmentation are crucial for assisting your affiliate program in forecasting consumer behavior, enhancing decision-making across the panel, and defining its ROI for marketing efforts. That incorporates working with current databases, returning old and lost leads, and appealing to a new audience.
  • Create a prosperous community around the brand by reaching out to the target audience with personalized offers and building partnerships. That can be done through numerous personalized touch points that encourage your customers to invest their time and resources according to their likings.
  • Increase your online presence on social networks with targeted and contextual advertising and SEO promotion. Owning a powerful online stance enables your program to be seen by new customers. That can enhance your reputation, boost brand awareness, assemble data-driven developments, and multiply revenue.
  • Put reward systems or loyalty programs in place. For instance, 7StarsPartners has held a Summer Affiliate Race with a prize pool of €100,000 for affiliates to use on holiday. Then, we create many giveaways with partners and offer great prizes such as cash, Apple devices, and free promotions for the players. Forming a loyalty program can develop customer retention and bring in new ones, as this way, you show how much you value the existing ones.
  • Constantly aim to improve products, as the enhanced ones deliver a proper message to the market. That can also shape the marketing communications operation for the program, giving you something different and interesting to pass on, and may also add to the above advantage of empowering the brand. Moreover, including gamification in the product promotes greater engagement and interaction while fully immersing players in the experience.
  • Interaction with consumers through tools such as email, SMS, and other communication channels is significant. These are the go-to media for connections, as they are dynamic engagement tools that enable you to deliver straightforward, timely notifications to the customers. SMS, coupled with email, completes this smooth customer communication experience that’s trustworthy, scalable, and outright strong.
  • Take part in events offline and online. These are beneficial for the company’s brand image, identifying prospects, and checking new industry trends. Don’t forget that 7StarsPartners will attend SiGMA Europe in Malta, and you can book a meeting with us via, we look forward to seeing you there!
  • To pin down crucial points, employ performance marketing tools in your work, enhance how you run the affiliate program, work smarter within the teams, and gain better ROI.

Conclusively, summer is unquestionably one of the most challenging periods for affiliates. Though, with the proper approach described by 7StarsPartners, you can get great results and set up grand campaigns even during the hot season.